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Pinilla Plazas & Associates offers legal consultancy of general tax planning in order to reduce the tax burden, as well as the legal advice in tax disputes.


We provide advice to our clients over:


  • Tax planning strategies including the structuring of the contractual or corporate structures, as well as the consultancy of the effects of the tax laws at the National level and the subnational level.

  • Risk assessments related to the compliance of tax obligations.

  • Legal review of the tax returns at the national and subnational levels.

  • Transfer pricing studies.

  • Analysis and implementation of the treaties to avoid double taxation.

  • Assistance before the Tax authorities at a national or subnational lever to reply to tax authority requirements and the filing of lawsuits before the tax courts.

Asesoria tributaria


Pinilla Plazas & Associates advice commercial operations of foreign companies designing different tax planning options according to Colombian Laws, in harmony with international trade agreements executed and ratified by Colombia.


This service includes:


  • Legal support regarding the fulfiling of the administrative requirements and tax planning procedures.

  • The search for alternatives aimed to optimize the international trade operations with compliance of technical requirements and mandatory regulations.

  • Implementing Government programs schemes that promote tariff benefits for the international exchange, such as free zones or Vallejo Plans.



Pinilla Plazas & Associates provides legal counsel in the area of corporate law on issues related   to the incorporation and administration of a company.


We advise our clients over:

  • Incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of companies.

  • The design of corporate structures that allow the entry of foreign companies into the domestic market as well as the development of the internationalization of national companies.

  • The incorporation of affiliates, branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies,

  • Preparation of minutes of Board of directors meetings or minutes of the general meetings of shareholders.

  • Compliance of Colombian exchange regulation.

  • Capitalization mechanisms and drafting of Board of Directors minutes for the placement, subscription and transfer of shares.

  • Total or partial by-laws amendments

  • Keeping and updating of corporate books

  • Training in Corporate governance

  • Legal support to manage corporate conflicts.

  • Legal regime for the foreign investment in Colombia.

  • Bylaw amendments involving mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions analyzed from a business and tax law perspective.

  • Shareholders agreements and memorandums of understanding. 

Derecho Corporativo


Pinilla Plazas & Associates offers a broad portfolio of civil and commercial contracts according to the interests and economic activities of our national and foreign clients.










Commercial contracts


  • Commercial Agency

  • Commercial loans

  • Trust

  • Distribution

  • Factoring

  • Business collaboration agreements

  • Brokerage and finder´s fees agreements

  • Procurement

  • Franchise

  • Commercial security instruments

Civil Contracts


  • Real state transactions.

  • Leases

  • Rents

  • Bailments

  • Loans

  • Agency 

  • Negotiable instruments

  • Donations











Pinilla Plazas & Associates offers its services in the Labor law area, as well as Social security.


We advise our clients over:


  • All types of contracts, whether it is labor recruiting or contractors.

  • The design of internal labor statutes such as the design of structures relating to salary and remuneration.

  • Outsourcing engagement schemes.

  • Advice and representation before the National and subnational administrative authorities.

  • Advice and representation before the Labor courts

  • Settlements projections before the Labor courts and the Ministry of Social Protection.

  • Labor Due diligence

  • Athletes recruiting

Derecho Laboral
Propiedad Industrial


Pinilla Plazas & Associates advices Colombian and Foreing companies with the finest legal strategy for protection of their Trademarks in Colombia (The Madrid Protocol), slogans, names, designations of origin and trademarks; as well as the obtaining of invention patents, utilities models patents, and industrial designs.


We advise our clients over:


  • Trademarks

  • Filing and responding to oppositions

  • Renewal applications of distinctive signs.

  • Filing lawsuits for Damages


Pinilla Plazas & Associates offers legal advice to the competing as well as foreign companies willing to enter the domestic market to compete,  providing the following services: 


  • Advice in business integration

  • Advise in the analysis of the antitrust laws in force and application in Colombia.

  • Legal studies of the agreements and commercial transactions that may have anticompetitive effects.

  • Legal representation before the Trade and Industry Superintendence.

Derecho de la Competencia
Protección al consumidor


Pinilla Plazas & Associates provides preventive and corrective legal advice in the area of consumer protection by providing the following services:


  • Staff training on the new Consumer Act 1480, 2011.

  • Responding to PQR's presented by consumers.

  • Defense claims and complaints lodged by consumers before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.


Pinilla Plazas & Associates advices investors, businessmen, professionals and employees in the obtaining of visas that allows them to live and work legally in Colombia.

We counsel our clients over:


  • Business, temporary and residence VISA applications.

  • Alien’s identity card application.

  • Advice and representation before the Immigration Control Authorities in all proceedings.

  • Filing reconsideration and appeals against administrative actions.

Inmigración Colombiana
Contratación Estatal


Our wide experience allows us to provide legal advice and support in government contracting processes, especially in governmental public tenders, from the pre-contractual stage, to the contractual and performance stages.


Our services include a rigorous analysis of the specifications of the terms of reference and the drafting of legal observations when needed; attending to the pre-bid hearings concerning risk sharing, clarification, adjudication and any other hearing that the public entity performs within the tendering process in order to protect the interests of your company. We also provide advice over the structuring of the terms of reference when our customers requires so.

Visas a Estados Unidos


Pinilla Plazas & Associates provides advice to companies and natural persons in the obtaining of the visa that allows living and working legally in the United States of America.


We advise our clients in:


  • Executives transfer Visas (L1-A)

  • Traders Visas (E-1)

  • Investor Visas (E-2)

  • Visas for professionals (H1B)

  • Family petitions.

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